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Saturday May 6, 2006, at 2:15 pm

Spinning with the Indies

Like I mentioned on an earlier post, I won a contest on a podcast about independent comics, INDIE SPINNER RACK. This is pretty much the grooviest show about comics out there… Charlito and Mr. Phil are two very kooky and well-read hosts. Anyway, the contest was a “pick your favorite indie book from 2005” kind-of-thing, and I won with my entry about Kabuki: Alchemy. David Mack has got to be my favorite artist and Kabuki my favorite book coming out right now. So, because I won, I got to be on an episode to talk to the guys about Kabuki… which was dang fun! They also were nice enough to talk about Random Ink. You can download the episode and hear for yourself! (My part of the episode goes from 15:20 to 49:00.)


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