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Friday June 20, 2008, at 12:03 am

Read ’em and weep!

Last night, we had a little Three Trees sketch session at my house. Elton, Dusty, and Matt all came over. We got to show each other what we were working on, which was cool. All three of those guys are cranking out some great stuff you’ll get to see in the coming months! This was the first time all four of us were together, and it was quite awesome.

We decided to make some jam comics, so Elton came up with some story seed words to get us started. We all picked some out of the pile, and then got started on the top third of a page. Then we would pass it to the next guy, draw the middle section, and then pass it again and finish it. I got a lot of grief for taking too long on the first two sections. Dusty was really hardcore… straight to ink, no pencils.

Be warned… these are really loose, quickly-drawn, and crazy!

This one was done (in order) by: me, Dusty, and Matt:

This one was Matt, me, then Dusty:

This one was Dusty, Matt, then me:


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