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Monday February 1, 2010, at 4:46 pm

Random Ink #3 PREVIEW: Part 2

"First Impressions" Preview Page 1 "First Impressions" Preview Page 2

Here you can see two random pages (minus dialogue) from the longest story in Random Ink #3, “First Impressions.”  It was written by Elton and me and drawn by Matt.  It picks up immediately where the Sir Knight story in Random Ink #1 left off.  He has been taken from the past to the future and given a mission in the present.  Unfortunately, his first experience in modern day is not a peaceful one.

Matt is really coming into his own with his art on this story, kicking it up a notch in both detail and action.  It’s been a blast to see his take on our characters!  I know you all are going to enjoy it.

Remember, we’ll be premiering this issue at both HurleyCon (in Joplin on March 6) and Planet Comicon (in Kansas City on March 27 & 28).


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