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Thursday February 18, 2010, at 9:50 pm

Random Ink #3 PREVIEW: Part 3

"Pixie Pirates: Prologue" page 1 "Pixie Pirates: Prologue" page 2

Here you can see pages from the third story from this issue.  Dusty has been planning his Pixie Pirates story for quite a while, and this six-pager is a prologue that sets up the tale to follow.  Why are they called the Pixie Pirates?  Well, you will see soon enough…

The exciting thing about this issue is it is truly the first time all four of us have contributed fairly evenly to an issue!  Hopefully that will be the case more often than not.

Random Ink #3 and Sketchings #3 have both been sent to the printer.  You can pick one up from us at HurleyCon and Planet Comicon.  The Random Ink stories will be posted to that site starting very soon.  You’ll also be able to order them at the Indy Planet store… we’ll let you know when they’re available on there.

Stay tuned!


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