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Monday May 3, 2010, at 7:00 am

FCBD Goodness!

Elton, me, Dusty, Randy Rustin, and Chad Hindahl sketching away!

Free Comic Book Day this last Saturday at Hurley’s Heroes was a good time.  The free comics this year were quite good (I particularly enjoyed the Fractured Fairytales and Mouseguard ones).  We did a bunch of free sketches for customers and sold some books.  Jason and Nathan Hurley were great hosts (thanks for the pizza!) and the overall vibe was really cool.  I guess free stuff puts people in a good mood!  We made some great new fans that will hopefully be returning customers for the store.  There’s nothing better than sitting around sketching with cool people like Elton, Dusty, Randy Rustin, and Chad Hindahl. Can’t wait for next year!

Everybody loves free comics!

Dusty and I sketching.  I was happier than this picture makes me look.

My brother-in-law introduces my new nephew to his first comics!

Some great new fans show off free sketches from Chad, me, and Dusty! They hung out with us for a few hours.

Closer view of that ninja zombie sketch

Kid Wolvie, Supes, and Iron Man

Frog Thor!

(Photos courtesy Jason Hurley and Chad Hindahl.)


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