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Friday June 18, 2010, at 3:49 pm

More Scribbled Stories

Scribbled Stories #2 COVER

My afterschool Cartoon Studio group completed its second anthology last month.  We  expanded from 28 to 40 pages this year, and from four students contributing to nine!  These highschoolers are really starting to do some nice work.

Just like last year, we continued the fantasy story that features all of us in a pretty goofy adventure as characters that each person designed for themselves.  Drawing this kept me pretty busy for a couple weeks there!  I had to figure out a way introduce eight new characters in five pages.  I’m sure we’ll continue this story next year…

"Magical Brew" page 5 "Magical Brew" page 6 "Magical Brew" page 7

"Magical Brew" page 8 "Magical Brew" page 9 "Magical Brew" Cast of Characters


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