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Sunday July 4, 2010, at 2:11 am

Contest winner sketch!

Congrats to Jason Lysinger, the winner of our last contest.  Jason correctly guessed that the image was from the wonderfully bad “Hercules in New York” movie (Arnold Schwartzeneggar’s first ever movie).  If you’re ever in the mood to heckle a movie… check out this one.  Arnold’s accent was so thick (and his delivery so bad) that they actually dubbed another generic voice over him.  Luckily, on the DVD you can listen to the original Arnold track.  This is definitely my favorite movie that features a mythological hero wrestling a bear in Central Park.

Esmerelda strikes a Shakespearean pose

As part of his prize, Jason requested the above sketch of Esmerelda.  Thanks, Jason… your sketch and free comics are on their way to you!

Stay tuned for another contest coming soon!


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