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Saturday April 2, 2011, at 9:06 pm

Joplin Sketch Night 2.0

Joplin Sketch Night is changing! Up ’til now, since we were just meeting at my house, we’ve had to keep it to a small group of people that we know. But now for the first time, it will be open to anyone who wants to show up and draw. We will be meeting at Hurley’s Heroes Comics & Games (10th and Maiden Lane) from 7-9pm on the second Wednesday of the month. (Sometimes it might have to be the first Wednesday, but we’ll post on the Sketch Night page if that’s the case.)
So if you’re in the mood to hang out with other comic artists and maybe tackle a sketch challenge or two… see you there! Also, make sure you check out the Joplin Sketch Night Facebook page for updates, etc.


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