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Monday July 16, 2012, at 11:52 am

GLACIER Wrap-up: PART 3 (Flora/Fauna)

Tree leaves silhouetted by Lake McDonald.

Obviously, Glacier Park is full of huge, majestic landscapes, but I was surprised with how much fun I had shooting the more close-up world of plants and animals found there.  You could easily fill a book with just a study of the huge variety of mosses and lichen.  In addition to the animals pictured here, we also saw two black bears (both from the road) but unfortunately did not get any shots of them.

The ever-present ground squirrel.

Moss sprouts?

A red fungus (?) attacking some leaves.

Butterfly on a trail.

Moss is awesome.

Marmot relaxing from a safe spot above our hike.

My dad thinks this moss looks like a jungle when close-up.

Twisted mutant tree we found on a trail.

Snowshoe hare joining us on the trail.




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