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For the second year in a row, the kids in my afterschool Cartoonist Club have run a Fist-A-Cuffs competition, based upon the awesome original one run by Sam Hiti.  Each of us created a warrior (or group of warriors) and were matched up against one another each week, with the winner determined by the Club’s votes.  To make our case on why our character should win, everyone was allowed to create visual “smack talk” to try to get their character more votes.

My character this year, Meatstorm, was one that I created for the original Fist-A-Cuffs before it stopped.  I was glad to finally put him to use.  For the first round, I was matched up with a trio of undead characters created by Ariel in the club…

Meatstorm- Smack talk 1

Meatstorm lost that first battle, but luckily it was a double-elimination tournament, so he wasn’t out of it yet.

Next up he had to face a sorceress (created by Felicia)…

Meatstorm- Smack talk 2 page 1

Meatstorm- Smack talk 2 page 2

Meatstorm- Smack talk 2 page 3

Luckily, Meatstorm was victorious that week.  But up next he had to face a character (created by Marylin) that could manipulate anything mechanical:

Meatstorm- Smack talk 3 page 1

Meatstorm- Smack talk 3 page 2

Meatstorm- Smack talk 3 page 3

Meatstorm was able to get enough votes to win again and advanced further into the tournament, only to face a trio of nuclear-powered warriors from an apocalyptic future (created by Kristen)…

Meatstorm- Smack talk 4 page 1

Meatstorm- Smack talk 4 page 2

Unfortunately, this is where the tournament ended for Meatstorm (maybe I should have shown more detail on how he would win).  But it was actually a relief, because it gave me more time to handle scanning and presenting the other artwork from the club.

This tournament was a lot of fun.  Even though the comics were quickly made, it really showed the students what they were capable of.  In fact, the combination of healthy competition and a weekly deadline really drove them to produce A LOT of work.  Several kids produced 20+ pages of smack talk each week.  We just wrapped up the whole tournament and it looks like we collectively created almost 300 pages of artwork (which we’ll soon be publishing in its own book)!  Not bad, huh?


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