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Three Trees Studios is an independent publisher of a variety of comic book stories, both online and in print. Our tales range from cartoony to biographical to sci-fi to slice-of-life. We try to make entertaining and positive comics that anyone can read.

This site is the main hub for several of our webcomics which are updated regularly. You can also purchase our print comics and other stuff in the Store. There is lots of behind-the-scenes artwork available here, too. On the Extras page, you can check out some downloads and other good stuff. The main page will keep you updated on all of our books and happenings.

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What's with the mask?  Long story... SETH WOLFSHORNDL has been making comics since his awkward junior high years and stubbornly refuses to quit. Born and raised in the wilds of northwest Montana, he currently resides in Missouri, where he supports his comic book habit by teaching art to high schoolers. He enjoys cheese, indie music, and writing about himself in the third person. He is still awkward.

Books: Random Ink, Rook City, Duel, Sketchings

Plotting, as usual... Legend has it ELTON GAHR created the Vlad Squad, but this has yet to be confirmed. Rumors also abound that he spends his days holed up in a cave cranking out tale after tale of fantastical worlds (and plotting eventual world domination). What we know for sure is that he also migrated to Missouri from Montana, where he began making silly comics with Seth back in 7th grade study hall.

Books: Random Ink, Rook City

The Force is strong with this one.MATT MEYERS is a newcomer to comics and is already hopelessly hooked. By day, he works for a powerful corporate entity who shall remain unnamed. By night, he spends time playing with his daughter and making crazy comics about possessed furniture and the lone warriors who must defeat them. A word of warning… disrespect Star Wars near him at your own risk.

Books: Decaying Death, Random Ink, Sketchings

Quizno's. Mmmm... toasty. DUSTY ROBERTS is also a high school art teacher originally from Montana. Imagine that. Unlike Seth, though, he is not awkward and ungainly. In fact, he tends to dominate on the playing field, especially when playing soccer. He also spends his time drawing fantasy characters, playing unique board games, and enduring the pain that is life as a Chargers fan.

Books: Random Ink