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Monday May 23, 2016, at 11:56 pm

Planet Comicon 2016 Wrap-up


Well, we are back from yet another Planet Comicon.  This show continues to grow every year… it’s definitely become one of the best in the Midwest.  As always, we are grateful for everyone who stopped by and checked out our work!  Here are some of the commissions I drew over the weekend…

Scrat from Ice Age

Chell from Portal

Big Shot from Suicide Squad

My friend Billie and his family as the Marvel family

Thursday May 19, 2016, at 1:58 pm

Planet Comicon this weekend!

Come and find us at the show!

Convention season is upon us once again… it’s time for Planet Comicon in Kansas City this weekend!  As usual we will be setup and drawing commissions the whole time.  We will also be premiering some new books and prints at the show, including…

Rook City #3 cover

That’s right… ROOK CITY #3 is finally complete!  This 36 page comic features two new stories.  The first spotlights the Vlad Squad and Toby Fox as they attempt to figure out who is responsible for the “vampire attacks” on their campus.  The second one delves deeper into the relationship between Rook City’s resident superhero, the Captain, and his arch-enemy, Dark Star.

Random Fantasies anthology by Elton Gahr

Elton is has finished a new anthology of fantasy short stories… RANDOM FANTASIES.  This anthology covers a wide variety of fantasy types, from modern day wizards hiding in plain sight to sword and sorcery tales. Its characters include an old wine merchant who has given up on the world, a young girl trapped in a city under siege, a wizard who discovered that magic is not as random as it seems and the luckiest man alive.  Check it out right now on Amazon!

Then we also have two new prints available this year…

Leonardo print

New Daredevil print

We hope to see many of you at the show once again!

Thursday May 12, 2016, at 11:00 pm

FCBD 2016 sketches

Master Oogway sketch

Here are just some of the sketches I did for Free Comic Book Day this year. Thank you to everyone who came by!

Gandalf the White sketch

Random knight

Fennel fox sketch

Action hero chicken sketch

Cinder sketch

Kingdom Hearts sketch

Castle sketch

Friday May 6, 2016, at 7:24 pm

Free! Comics! Tomorrow!

Free Comic Book Day is here!

It’s that time again… time to get some free comics and sketches!  We will once again be hosted by the fine fellows at Hurley’s Heroes Comics & GamesAaron Kuder (Superman, Spider-Man, Amory Wars, Green Lantern) and Jeremy Haun (The Beauty, Civil War: Captain America/Iron Man, Batman) will also be there sketching and selling comics.  The Cartoonist Club that I sponsor at Joplin High School will also be there, debuting three new books (totaling 800 pages) that they have worked hard on this year.  We will be doing free sketches, as usual, and will have prints and comics for sale (including the Duel collection).  We hope you can swing by!

Wednesday December 30, 2015, at 4:32 pm

Looking forward!

Well, as 2015 winds down, it seems like a good time to look back and look forward.  This last year, we exhibited or spoke at five different events, some of them for the first time.  We published the collected version of Duel, complete with dozens of new pages of backstory.  (The images below are from the Lord Thornton Bartholomew’s story in that book.)  Elton also published a sci-fi novel, and we created several new prints for the convention appearances.

What’s on tap for 2016?  Well, in May we will once again be doing FREE COMIC BOOK DAY @ Hurley’s Heroes in Joplin.
PLANET COMICON in Kansas City is also moving to May this year, and we will be there for the ninth year in the row.  In August, we have been invited back to the KANSAS CITY COMIC CON, and we are looking forward to year two of that show!  There will probably be a few other appearances that pop up, but we will let you know as they develop.

What are we working on?  Well, Elton is continuing work on his novels and is finishing up a new collection of short stories that will be published soon.  We are working hard on Rook City #3 right now.  The main story features the Vlad Squad and Toby Fox, and another tale in that issue will star the Captain and Dark Star.  Once that issue is published, we will be collecting all three issues along with a lot of bonus content.  We are also working on adapting all of our comics to digital format, so it will be easier for all of you to get a hold of them.  Once Rook City is wrapped up, I will be starting a new long-term project (more details on that later).  In addition to all of this, we will be continuing Random Ink with issue #5 later in the year.

If you are reading this, we want you to know that we really appreciate you following and supporting our work!  It means a lot to know that you all are out there.  Thanks!

A beastie

Victorian Era studies

Thursday September 17, 2015, at 6:21 am

Third Thursday Artwalk tonight!

Third Thursday Artwalk in downtown Joplin!

Here is another event for those of you who live near Joplin… Elton and I will be set up at the Third Thursday Artwalk downtown tonight from 5:30-8:30pm.  We will be located in Traders Church near 5th and Main.  We’ll have all of our comics and prints for sale, and I’ll be drawing commissions, as usual.  We hope you can stop by and say hi!

Monday August 10, 2015, at 10:43 pm

KCCC 2015 Recap

8-bit Last Martian sculpture by Gary of 8-Bit Nerd Art!

We had a great time at the inaugural Kansas City Comic Con this weekend!  Hung out with lots of fellow creator friends, met some new ones, and enjoyed chatting with so many fans.  We’d definitely like to return next year. Check out the awesome 8-bit sculpture of the Last Martian created by our friend Gary Nap of 8-Bit Nerd Art!  We had this little guy proudly displayed at our table all weekend!

We were particularly busy with commissions this show.  Here they are (all drawn by Seth):

Kermit with a lantern ring





Raptor on a motorcycle

And another new print we had available for this show:

Ash and Buffy poster

Thursday August 6, 2015, at 11:59 am

Kansas City Comic Con this weekend!

Kansas City Comic Con

We hope to see many of you at Kansas City’s newest convention this weekend!  We will be set up in Artists Alley at table #1316.  It looks like a great time with lots of great guests.  We will be there with new comics, novels, and prints.  As usual we will be doing commissions, too, so make sure to stop by if you want an original piece of art.

Duel Collection cover

We will have the brand new collection of our Duel stories, which collects not only the first two issues of the series, but over 30 new pages of story and art!  We’ll give some sneak peaks of the new stuff right here in the coming weeks.  In addition to this book, Elton is also premiering his new sci-fi novel, Spaceship Vision: The Impossible Dream! More details on that soon…

Here are the two new prints we will have available this year:

Spider Gwen print

Ash & Buffy print

Thursday July 16, 2015, at 12:36 pm

Comic Creator Discussion @ Joplin Public Library

Samples from the creators' works

Here’s another cool event you local folks can check out, if you want!  I will be part of a panel discussion featuring different comic creators that is being hosted by our local library tonight @ 6pm.  The very talented creators that will be there include Jeremy Haun (Batwoman, Constantine, The Beauty), Kevin Mellon (Suicide Sisters, Archer), and Ande Parks (Green Arrow, Capote in Kansas).  A brief signing will follow the discussion.

It should be a fun time.  I hope you can stop by!

Tuesday March 17, 2015, at 8:51 pm

Planet Comicon 2015 Recap

Groot commission

We had another great time at Planet Comicon this year! Met tons of new people, but also saw more people from Joplin up there than ever before. Current and former students, as well as two fellow teachers from JHS (one of which was in costume). Enjoyed sketching commissions for folks, as always…

Krypto the Superdog commission for a longtime fan

Steel commission

Darkness and Angelus commission

Harley Quinn commission

We tabled next to some other great artists again, including Levi Hoffmeier, whose Mayflower comic continues to be some high-quality, sci-fi, digitally painted goodness.  You should definitely check it out!  This guy is going places…

Mayflower comic by Levi Hoffmeier

On the other side of us was Gary Nap of 8-Bit Nerd Art.  He produces very large (4 foot tall) wood pixel art of various characters.  His process for doing so is very interesting and his large pieces attracted a lot of people all weekend.  We arranged a little art trade, so you might be seeing one of our characters in this format pretty soon…

8-bit Deadpool by Gary Nap

And then, of course, there was all the great cosplay…

Cheshire Cat with a print of herself

A fellow teacher as Knives Chau

A former student as WW2 Cap

"Stan Lee" was well-protected

This convention just gets bigger and better every year.  See you there next year!

And we’re not done with appearances this year… it looks like we will be attending three more events between now and August.  Stay tuned!