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Friday June 27, 2008, at 8:41 pm

Upon further review…

One of the most exciting things as a creator is getting a chance to hear what people who spend a lot of time reviewing comics think of your work. Well, some of those reviews are starting to show up for our newer books, so here ya go…

The fine folks at Pulp Secret included DUEL in their regular comic review video podcast. They had a lot of kind words and really seemed to get what I was going for with that book. Check it out right here (the Duel review starts at the 3:48 mark):

Broken Frontier took a look at both new books (they also reviewed the mini-comic version of Random Ink way-back-when… nice people). Tonya Crawford had a lot of nice things to say about ROOK CITY #1, including

“With a $2.95 price tag for over 32 pages of highly enjoyable comic book stories Rook City comes off as a bargain. Wolfshorndl has crafted an overall strong first outing and will hopefully keep turning out these stories that are sometimes witty, sometimes silly, but always entertaining. This comic is like a trip through the funhouse – a lot of laughs, some good-natured teasing, and at the end anticipation of the next time we get to go for a ride.”

Meanwhile, her fellow Broken Frontier reviewer, Richard Pulfer, seemed to enjoy DUEL #1 although he would like to see it develop farther, saying

“The character designs are imaginative, especially in later characters like Cyborg Stan and Triode. Once again, it’s the execution of the battles themselves, seen in the expression of the combatants and their ultimate fate which give the book a disarmingly cinematic feel. While Wolfshorndl’s art is more than sufficient, it might be interesting to see two artists with contrasting styles duel one another in later books.”

Funny he should say that, as that is just what we have planned. More on that later…

Over on her Comics Worth Reading site, Johanna Draper Carlson reviewed both ROOK CITY and DUEL. Of the two, she seemed to enjoy DUEL more and really gave me some things to consider.

I really appreciate all these people taking the time to look over our books and spread the word about them! Hopefully, there will be even more to tell you about soon.

Tuesday August 15, 2006, at 12:14 am

Rook City reviewed

Hey, Rook City just got a nice review from the fine folks at Independent Propaganda. Check it out! IP is a great new site dedicated to getting the word out about indie comics.

The “Convention Blues” story continues. School is starting around here, so it’s back to the life of a teacher for me. However, I am one page ahead on Rook City. Hopefully I can keep it up and maybe even build up a “buffer” of pages someday.

Heh. Not likely.

Saturday May 6, 2006, at 2:15 pm

Spinning with the Indies

Like I mentioned on an earlier post, I won a contest on a podcast about independent comics, INDIE SPINNER RACK. This is pretty much the grooviest show about comics out there… Charlito and Mr. Phil are two very kooky and well-read hosts. Anyway, the contest was a “pick your favorite indie book from 2005” kind-of-thing, and I won with my entry about Kabuki: Alchemy. David Mack has got to be my favorite artist and Kabuki my favorite book coming out right now. So, because I won, I got to be on an episode to talk to the guys about Kabuki… which was dang fun! They also were nice enough to talk about Random Ink. You can download the episode and hear for yourself! (My part of the episode goes from 15:20 to 49:00.)