Upcoming Appearances



Random Ink #1 Random Ink #2

The title says it all… Random Ink features a wide variety of stories. Everything from humor to science-fiction to biography… there’s something for everyone in this quirky anthology!

“An enjoyable comic, a real cornucopia of genres!” – COMIC READERS

Rook City #1

Welcome to Rook City! Aging vigilantes… college “vampires”… superficial superheroes… this is a town full of characters who appear to be something they’re not. Toby Fox, a local college student with detective aspirations, soon discovers he may be the only normal person in the whole city.

“Stories that are sometimes witty, sometimes silly, but always entertaining.” – BROKEN FRONTIER


Duel #1

Two young boys with overactive imaginations are hanging out and drawing one day. When one of them sketches the image of a mighty warrior…the challenge is on. Before long there is an all-out artist’s duel raging to see who can create the toughest character. We are soon sucked into the world of their imagination, a world filled with tremendous battles between cybernetic cowboys, secret snake ninjas, huge gelatanous creatures, and much more!

“What a great, fun idea!” – PULP SECRET

Decaying Death #1

This is the continuing story of a lone man who wages war on everyday appliances. Appliances that are haunted by evil spirits. Someone has to do it. In the first issue, our lone adventurer has his first encounter with the supernatural… in the form of a armchair that is possessed by the spirit of the old man who died in it. Can he defeat it with nothing but his wits (and a squirt bottle full of odor remover and holy water)?