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Jam Comics

What is a jam comic?

It’s a creative exercise where artists work together to create a comic story on the fly. There are several different varieties of these, but they all tend to lead to some enjoyable craziness! These are usually completed fairly quickly, and the results are often pretty rough… but the spirit of collaborative fun is what makes them great.


JAM COMIC #1: by Seth Wolfshorndl, Nathan Judah, Dusty Roberts, and Elton Gahr

This was our first attempt at a jam comic, and we may have been a bit over-ambitious with it. Elton gave us several story seeds of different people and objects (midget, saber-toothed tiger, Smithsonian, etc.), and then Dusty, Nathan, and I took turns illustrating a page before passing it on to the next guy. Unfortunately, we never finished it, but what we did complete was pretty fun:

Jam Comic #1 page 1 by SETH WOLFSHORNDL Jam Comic #1 page 2 by NATHAN JUDAH Jam Comic #1 page 3 by DUSTY ROBERTS Jam Comic #1 page 4 by SETH WOLFSHORNDLJam Comic #1 page 5 by NATHAN JUDAH


ONE-PAGE JAM COMICS: by Matt Meyers, Seth Wolfshorndl, and Dusty Roberts

These were drawn very quickly when the three of us were together. Each artist completed one tier (top, middle, or bottom) of each comic. It was fun to see the crazy directions these took, usually far from what the starting artist envisioned!

"Door to Door": TOP: Seth | MIDDLE: Dusty | BOTTOM: Matt "Spatula Death": TOP: Matt | MIDDLE: Seth | BOTTOM: Dusty "Blam": TOP: Dusty | MIDDLE: Matt | BOTTOM: Seth

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