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Scribbled Stories #1 CoverScribbled Stories #2 COVER

One of the most exciting things for me as a teacher is the cartoon studio that I run after school.  It’s great to see what these high schoolers come up with all year as we complete various challenges and jam comics together.  The main project, though, is our group anthology that we get printed every spring.  We’re calling it Scribbled Stories, and the kids are always pretty jazzed to see their short comics in print.  Every year more students contribute to the book, with several of them returning from the year before.

You can see their current work on the JHS Cartoonist Club facebook page.

Towards the end of the first year of doing this, the students challenged me to make a comic for the book that featured all of us as characters in a fantasy story.  So here is what we came up with.  Each kid decided what their character would be like and what they would do in the story.  (My coffee addiction became a big part of the story, as you’ll see.)  We continue to add a new chapter (and new characters) each year.

"Magical Brew" title page "Magical Brew" page 1 "Magical Brew" page 2 "Magical Brew" page 3 "Magical Brew" page 4 "Magical Brew" page 5

"Magical Brew" page 6 "Magical Brew" page 7 "Magical Brew" page 8

"Magical Brew" page 9 "Magical Brew" Cast of Characters

It’s a great feeling to watch them all flip through their first printed comic ever…