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Wednesday April 17, 2013, at 11:29 pm

Things That Are Awesome: The Sixth Gun: Book One

There is nothing quite like finding something new that is really good. The old classic comic books are always fun, but they’re like visiting anthe-sixth-gun-cover old friend comfortable and safe. The Sixth Gun is a story that I could tell almost immediately was going to be good, but also had the mystery and surprises that more mainstream comics rarely can deliver.

The story is set in the old west, not long after the Civil War and jumps into the action quickly. There are two main pushers of the story at this point. They are Drake Sinclair who is seeking out treasure and Mrs. Hume who is trying to track down a gun.

As you can likely guess from the title the gun is important. It is in the hands of a dying preacher, but very early in the book ends up the possession of the only real hero of this story Becky. And since the only way for a new owner to take it is to kill her she is forced to keep it though every sign is that it is evil. It also gives visions to the person who uses it.

The people who want this gun are the same people who have the other five, each of which gives some type of power to the person who uses it. This means that in some odd sense there are superpowers in this book, but only rarely does it feel like that. It instead holds the western feel very well.

Much of the fun of this book is the discovery of what is going on, and slowly learning the answers to the secrets of the guns and hints to there being more.  I also enjoy the supernatural elements being added into a genre that generally has not had them. The mixing of genres, especially when they make sense is almost always interesting and the supernatural western makes a lot of sense. Magic has always been in the less civilized places and the borderlands and the old west was both of these, and connecting the magic to the civil war is also a good touch.

The art in the story is excellent. It really feels like the west that you have seen in movies and TV without feeling cliché and while it tends to be dark that is the tone of this story and it is important that it helps to keep that tone. Still, it might have been nice to brighten it up a bit more on occasion if only to break the tension.


I am certainly glad that I picked up this book and especially happy that the next graphic novel is already out because I really don’t want to have to wait too much longer to find out at least a few more of the secrets of this story.  I am also looking forward to hopefully watching a TV series though I plan on continuing to read the book no matter what comes of the show.

Check out the book here.