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Random Ink #3 RELEASED!

The third issue of our comics anthology is now available for purchase online! As mentioned in our previews earlier, this issue features three stories:

“First Impressions” (Story by Elton and Seth with art by Matt Meyers.)  A medieval knight is given a critical mission in the future and transported to our present. Unfortunately, his first experience here is not a peaceful one.

“Pixie Pirates: Prologue” (Story and art by Dusty Roberts.)  A greedy and murderous group of pirates sail the seas, unaware of how drastically their destinies are about to change…

“Useless Words” (Story and art by Seth.)  The moon is falling. No one knows why. Panic and fear grip the entire world as the countdown to destruction begins. Now a lone man must come to terms with his fate.

We’re really proud of this issue, as it is the first time all four of us contributed fairly equally to one.  We’ll be posting all the stories from it at the RIGHT HERE, starting with “First Impressions” which you can read now!  And of course you can still pick up a copy from us the upcoming Planet Comicon in Kansas City.

Let us know what you think!