Big news!

We have been making plans for the next year and wanted to keep you all updated. Our next project is finishing another issue of Random Ink, our comics anthology. This will be the fifth issue in the series and will feature at least three new stories, ranging from the next chapter of our superhero story… to a mystery involving the blues… to another tale of the Last Martian (so, the typical crazy amount of variety that the series is known for).

We are planning on premiering the new issue at Planet Comicon in February of next year. At that time, we will also be combining all five issues into our first full-color collection of comics. We will even be going back and recoloring the stories that were in the black and white issues. Don’t worry if you aren’t able to attend the cons we will be at, as we are exploring options for getting the book to you online for purchase or download, too.

So here is the the very first Last Martian, presented in color for the first time. We’ll be posting more stories in color as they are finished… enjoy!

Last Martian, page 1

Last Martian, page 2

Last Martian, page 3