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Welcome to the new Rook City!

So this is the brand new site. Much more streamlined and WAY easier to update. I’m dumping pretty much every bit of Rook City content I have on here, including whole stories that are not in print yet.

Be sure to click around and explore…

And thanks for sticking with us!


Choice webcomics

Just wanted to call your attention to the list of webcomics on the right there. These are all of my current favorites, and they are all definitely worth checkin’ out.

Probably my favorite right now is the Abominable Charles Christopher by Karl Kerschl. It’s about a bumbling bigfoot and the various animals he runs into in the forest. But that doesn’t really begin to describe it. The art is stunning… I’m blown away by Karl’s inking skills. And his monochromatic coloring looks so much like it’s hand-painted. The story is a great mix of comedy and epic adventure. Can’t wait for him to collect it in print!

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Rebuker unleashed

For those of you who were following Rook City on the old site, I wanted to point out that there is already one whole story posted here that was never up on the other one. “Gratuity” was the second Rebuker story and was collected in the Rook City #1.  It was a fun chance to draw the old guy on his own as he continues to dish out justice on the city…


Downloads are up

Vlad Squad WALLPAPER 1

You can find some cool new freebies on the Downloads page now.  There are two different wallpapers available for your viewing pleasure.  And if you saw us at a convention this year, then you probably picked up one of our free bookmarks.  Well, now you can print out your own, if you want.

Hopefully, I’ll put some more up eventually, but this is a start.


Characters galore

I just finished updating the Characters page. Now you can find out more info than you ever wanted on all of the main Rook City characters. There’s a lot of background stuff on there that is not in the comics yet, so you might want to check it out.

I also added more stuff to the Support page. And with that… the site is complete! Of course, I’ll be adding new stuff occasionally, but all of the main pages are up.

If you want to be alerted of updates, you can subscribe to the RSS feed or sign up for e-mail alerts (on the left sidebar).

Thanks for coming by!