The future…

Supervillain sketches

OK, so you’ve read through the archive and noticed that the current page has been up for awhile now, and you might be wondering… what’s next?  Is this story ever going to continue?

The answer is yes!  Several more pages for this story have already been drawn and are just needing to have the grays and lettering added.  “Convention Blues” will end up being about 28-30 pages in length (and we are already writing the stories after that).  However, I don’t want to start posting new pages until I have a sufficient buffer of completed pages to insure that I stay on time.  That should be by June at the latest.

In the meantime, on the Sketches page you can get a little preview of  a bunch of characters that will pop up in the rest of story.  That is one of the most enjoyable parts of this story… creating all of the crazy supervillains for the convention.  A few of them are even inspired by cheesy characters Elton and I made up back in junior high.

I’ll also be posting new sketches and other content here, so stick around!