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A more realistic Toby

A realistic Toby

Ok, he’s not that realistic. But more so than usual, anyway. It was interesting trying to tone down the cartooniness on him.

“What’s this for?” you may ask. Well, you’ll see soon enough…


New RANDOM INK site launches!

That’s right… another webcomic for your reading pleasure. It’s exciting to finally have all these stories up in their entirety on the web. We’re looking forward to hearing your reactions to them. Random Ink is the first comic we published back in 2005, and it’s great to have this anthology where we can do any style of comics we want. Hopefully, you enjoy the variety, too!

Be sure to poke around the site. The stories page will give you a quick overview of the different tales on there. You can check some character sketches and pin-ups, as well as download some new free wallpapers and more.

And here’s the big news… every Tuesday for the next six weeks we will be posting a new complete story on the Random Ink site. Currently you can read all the stories from Random Ink #1, but starting next week you will begin to see the ones from #2. And they’re all in FULL-COLOR! So be sure to check back then (or subscribe to our RSS feed), because we’ve got a lot more to show you!

(BTW… Duel and Decaying Death sites are in the works!)