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Evil Ain’t Easy on ZUDA!

Evil Ain't Easy

Well, here’s the huge news I couldn’t tell you all until now… my comic Evil Ain’t Easy is currently in this month’s Zuda Comics competition! For those of you who might not know, Zuda Comics is an online division of DC Comics. Every month ten comic strips are chosen for the international competition, and votes from online visitors to the site determine the winner. This winner is then rewarded a year-long contract with DC Comics to create 52 more strips for the site.

Evil Ain’t Easy is my humor strip that tells the story of a maniacal scientist bent on world domination who is constantly thwarted by the everyday annoyances of life. He is accompanied by the laid-back henchman he created and a moody, little, old landlady.

It’s quite an honor to even be selected for the competition! So far, readers seem to enjoy the humor of the comic. It’s pretty light-hearted compared to a lot of the other comics on Zuda. I hope that uniqueness appeals enough to people to get their vote, as there are several great comics in this month’s competition.

So anyway… I need your help! Please take a few minutes to read the comic, register, and VOTE for it (registering is quick, easy, and spam-free)! Please also rate it, favorite it, and leave a comment… all these things will help it win.

Evil Ain’t Easy will only win if we can really spread the word and get people to vote for it! I’ve setup a production blog at to help promote the comic, and there you’ll find lots of sketches, downloads, and more! We’re going to be running a few different contests to promote the comic, so stay tuned to that blog for details… and you might win some free stuff!

Thanks in advance for anything you can do to help out!