The Characters


BACKGROUND: Growing up in Rook City, Toby was always a fan of mysteries. While other kids idolized sports figures, Toby’s heroes were Sam Spade, Sherlock Holmes, and even Hercule Poirot. Eventually, he began to see everything around him in the form of a mystery. His friends and family dismissed most of his theories as overactive imagination. With dreams of someday becoming a writer, Toby enrolled at the local university as an English major. In the last several months, he’s noticed weird things happening even more than usual. Is it all in his mind, or is something really up in Rook City?

SKILLS/ABILITIES: Well, he’s pretty bright. That’s about it.


CURRENT EMPLOYMENT: None (on academic scholarship).

FAVORITE MUSIC: As a music nerd, he loves a little of everything, although he leans towards indie rock.

FAVORITE MOVIE: Either The Maltese Falcon, The Thin Man, or The Sting .

FAVORITE BOOK: And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie.

QUIRKS: – Believes (falsely) that he is an excellent pool player
– Addicted to good coffee
– Returns shopping carts religiously

The RebukerThe REBUKER

REAL NAME : Jack Flint

BACKGROUND: Fifty years ago, Jack Flint’s life was normal enough, until a “horrible incident” left him a bitter man with only one goal in life… seeking vengeance on the evil, the vile, and the corrupt. He became the vigilante known as the Rebuker, and criminals everywhere feared the mere mention of his name. His only companion through this time was his assistant Ace, who helped him acquire weapons and technology to aid his quest. Jack kept up this crime-fighting lifestyle until he was 60, when an unfortunate explosion while dishing out justice left him with a broken pelvis. While he was in the hospital, he was placed on medications that calmed him down, turning him into a peaceful, old man. Eventually, he was put into a nursing home. But all that is about to change. The call of vengeance will no longer be subdued by drugs, and those in Rook City with evil in their hearts had better beware…

SKILLS/ABILITIES: -Skilled with nearly any firearm
– Uncanny ability to see the world in black and white
– Frequently feels the call of vengeance… and nature


CURRENT EMPLOYMENT: None. Collecting Social Security.



FAVORITE BOOK: Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White

QUIRKS: – Extremely fond of radishes
– Rumor has it he invented road rage
– Types 85 words per minute


REAL NAME: Robert Plunkett

BACKGROUND: Robert is from an upper-class family in Hudson Falls, a snobby suburb on the outskirts of Rook City. He was always encouraged to explore the arts, and drama quickly became his forte. Once he went to the university, he fell in with the Vlad Squad group, and now prefers to be called Gregori. He is the calm center of the group, and often its voice, calling upon his natural oratory skills. Since the group gained their powers, Gregory has experimented with using his hypnosis abilities on both groups and individuals. He has found it useful in both affecting an audience’s perception of his acting and in convincing professors that he should get a higher grade on an assignment.

SKILLS/ABILITIES: Vampiric hypnosis


CURRENT EMPLOYMENT: None. He is supported by his parents, who want him to focus on his studies.

FAVORITE MUSIC: The Decemberists.

FAVORITE MOVIE: Phantom of the Opera

FAVORITE BOOK: The Complete Works of Oscar Wilde

QUIRKS: -Deathly afraid of rabbits
-Still does not have his driver’s license
-Failed PE in high school, for refusing to dress out


REAL NAME: Brittany Davis

BACKGROUND: As a child, Brittany was always teased for being bigger than the other girls. This caused her to become aggressive and distant from others. She was always attracted to other outsiders, and when she read Dracula in high school… her fate was sealed. It was then that she took on her obsession with vampires and her current appearance (and name). She attracted others with similar tastes to her at the university, forming a loose group that eventually became the Vlad Squad. After drinking the replicated blood of Vlad Tepes, Esmerelda gained the strength and invulnerability of vampires. She is the most aggressive and dedicated member of the group. The Squad means a great deal to her, as it is the only group she has really felt a part of.

SKILLS/ABILITIES: Vampiric strength and invulnerability



FAVORITE MUSIC: Evanescence.

FAVORITE MOVIE: The Corpse Bride

FAVORITE BOOK: Complete Stories and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe

QUIRKS: -Has written three novels that she’s never shown anyone else
-Secretly addicted to American Idol
-The Squad doesn’t let her drive anymore… not after the “incident”


REAL NAME: Tim Parker

BACKGROUND: In high school, Tim was a huge fan of various role-playing games, playing them with his friends at any chance. Tracking character stats and leveling up really appealed to his overly-analytical mind. When his parents divorced during his high school years, Tim coped by becoming more and more submerged in Dimitri, the character he was playing as in a vampire role-playing game. Eventually, he only responded to that name and dressed in character at all times. He knows he is still Tim Parker, but he enjoys the shield that Dimitri affords him. He latched onto Esmerelda the instant they met in college, and gaining the ability to transform like a vampire has only strengthened his bond to the character of Dimitri. With his attention to detail, he is the most obsessive about the rules of vampirism. Rules the others are beginning to question…

SKILLS/ABILITIES: Ability to transform into a wolf, bat, or mist


CURRENT EMPLOYMENT: Laser tag attendant

FAVORITE MUSIC: Havalina Rail Co.

FAVORITE MOVIE: Interview with a Vampire

FAVORITE BOOK: The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova

QUIRKS:-Tim should have been a math or physics major, but as Dimitri he is convinced he is a great artist. He’s not.
-Designated driver of the group, as he is the safest
-Has zero tolerance for country music


REAL NAME: Ralph Vandermeter

BACKGROUND: Ralph is a non-conformist. This led him to shave his head in high school and study famous outsiders. Once in college, he hung around the Vlad Squad just because they were so different from everyone else. Eventually, he learned quite a bit about vampirism from them. Ever since they gained their “gifts,” Ralph has been questioning what they really mean, perhaps because his is the least impressive. While he can’t deny the abilities they all seem to have acquired, he isn’t sure that it necessarily means they are vampires. He is definitely the sceptic of the group.

SKILLS/ABILITIES: He has no reflection





FAVORITE BOOK: Dissent: Voices of Conscience by Ann Wright and Susan Dixon

QUIRKS: -Tends to cut himself a lot while shaving
-Always stands backwards in an elevator, just to be different

The CaptainThe CAPTAIN

REAL NAME: Tyler Draxton

BACKGROUND: Little is known about how Tyler came to have his immense superpowers. His college friends have reported that he disappeared one night during a camping trip, and when he reappeared he seemed different. Tyler kept a low profile until graduation. Then while preventing a horrible train wreck, he premiered as the Captain, guardian and protector of Rook City. Since then he has regularly appeared to keep the peace, usually by stopping his arch-rival, Dark Star. The Captain also keeps busy with TV interviews, product endorsements, a book tour and feature films about his adventures. If you would like to book an appearance by the Captain, please contact his agent.

SKILLS/ABILITIES: -Super strength
-Keen marketing sense


CURRENT EMPLOYMENT: Full-time superhero and protector of the city (with endorsements)


FAVORITE MOVIE: Wall Street or Titanic

FAVORITE BOOK: How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie

QUIRKS: -Is considering starting a new line of superhero hair products
-Hopelessly addicted to MySpace
-Has never had a girlfriend longer than a month


REAL NAME: Richard Lucas

BACKGROUND: Richard was a drama major in college, and an acquaintance of Tyler Draxton. After college, he had trouble finding work as an actor, and for a time worked at the local train station. Eventually, Tyler approached him with a chance to perform the “role of a lifetime.” He gave Richard some gems that emanated a strange energy, and together they created the character of Dark Star. Richard is now paid by Tyler to fight him at pre-arranged battles (Dark Star always barely manages to escape). But he is beginning to wonder if he made the right career move.

-Ability to increase the gravitational pull between objects


CURRENT EMPLOYMENT: Employed by the Captain to be his arch-nemesis


FAVORITE MOVIE: The Shawshank Redemption

FAVORITE BOOK: To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

QUIRKS: -Is thinking about a costume change
-Has a soft spot for dogs
-Lactose intolerant