The Comic

Rook City is a town full of people who are more than they appear. Aging vigilantes… college “vampires”… superficial superheroes… and more. Toby Fox, a local college student with detective aspirations, soon discovers he may be the only normal person in the whole city.

This is a sporadically updated comic that is also collected in print editions. It is created by Seth Wolfshorndl, except for the Vlad Squad stories, which are co-written by Elton Gahr. The first five stories are collected in Rook City #1… on sale now!

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“With a $2.95 price tag for over 32 pages of highly enjoyable comic book stories Rook City comes off as a bargain. Wolfshorndl has crafted an overall strong first outing and will hopefully keep turning out these stories that are sometimes witty, sometimes silly, but always entertaining. This comic is like a trip through the funhouse – a lot of laughs, some good-natured teasing, and at the end anticipation of the next time we get to go for a ride.” – BROKEN FRONTIER