Chapter 1: “Bullets & Bedpans”

What happens when vigilantes get old? It ain’t pretty… Find out in the very first Rook City story, starring the Rebuker and Toby Fox.

Chapter 2: “Transformations”

In this tale, Toby witnesses the origin of the Vlad Squad, four college kids who think they are vampires.

Chapter 3: “Sleuth”

Toby must solve a mystery involving his professors and an ancient mask, but everyone seems intent on stopping him.

Chapter 4: “Showtime”

Rook City’s resident superhero, The Captain, battles his arch-rival… but all is not as it seems.

Chapter 5: “Gratuity”

The Rebuker reappears… and leaves his mark on the locals.

Chapter 6: “Road Block”

The Vlad Squad must deal with the inconveniences of being vampires.

Chapter 7: “Convention Blues”

When a super villain convention comes to town, Toby can’t resist the chance to snoop around. Unfortunately, neither can the Rebuker.